Role of youth in peace building

Sections 1 and 2: In the case of the National Peace Development Policy for Youth, we must deviate from tradition and formulate policy with the active participation of the youth. In the last decade internal wars or conflicts have claimed more than 5 million lives, and driven many times that number of people from their homes.

The national peach development youth forums will develop polices at international level, to ensure that these are based on strengthened international understanding, and that appropriate mechanisms are set in place and executed for implementation through participation and ownership of the various resolutions of the UN, and working hard to focus on implementation, fully using their huge resource base and sense of proprietorship of these forums.

In a period of transition and accelerated change marked by the expression of intolerance, manifestation of racial and ethnic hatred, spread of fundamentalism, the upsurge of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, violence towards those regarded as "others" and the growing disparities between the rich and the poor action strategies must aim both at ensuring fundamental freedom, peace, human rights, and democracy and at promoting sustainable and equitable economic and social development all of which have an essential part to play in building a culture of peace.

Himsa against a living being makes complete self-realization impossible. Vanaspatnyah santir visve devah santir Brahma santih sarvam santih santireva santih sa ma santiredhi.

Empowerment: Children & Youth: Children, Youth & Peacebuilding Processes

It is also becoming highly scrappy, reduced in peace and safety for both present and future generations. In spiritual development, the youth can form a new phalanx of peace missionaries building up volunteers and NGO networks in the grassroots, concentrating on values education and spiritual renewal among children, women and the youth to reverse the process of family values in which traditionally it is the elders who impose on the youth; this time it will be the young helping shape family values through dedicated youth peace missionaries.

By this, they can influence positive action on such matters from government and other stakeholders. About three-quarters of the war dead are civilians. Peace workers will represent the new professionals of the 21st century, as valued as ICT professionals, NGO specialists, international development specialists.

Del Felice, Celina and Wisler, Andria. Its beginnings must be in education and training. To summarize a construction metaphor used by Lederach, peacebuilding involves a long-term commitment to a process that includes investment, gathering of resources and materials, Role of youth in peace building and planning, coordination of resources and labour, laying solid foundations, construction of walls and roofs, finish work and ongoing maintenance.

Where some of these facilities and services exist, their cost is often beyond what the ordinary citizen can afford. A major reason is that the declarations are not supported by the institutional infrastructure and resources to ensure their efficient implementation and evaluation.

Like other civil society actors they are less visible in analysis of peace processes than key elites. While a forty years old athlete, for instance, is definitely aging and has long passed his prime, he would still be a spring chicken if he was a politiciann.

The review paid particular attention to interventions in conflict and violence-affected areas and in the context of countering violent extremism but was unable to identify empirical academic literature on the impact of interventions in conflict and violence-affected areas and for countering violent extremism was identified.

Their stories are yet to be told. At the global level, there are many possibilities for involving the youth: In a more meaningful way, peace development can also become essential curriculum content at all levels of education. Peace will facilitate the concentration of energies and resources to violence-free areas of development, facilitating the setting of priorities by governments, enabling the youth to mobilize properly, and to direct available finances from local and external resources to such strategic options.

To create the conducive environment, one step is to make sure that national policies are religion-neutral, with no place for phrases like jihad.

Most Nigerian youths today, have increasingly become perpetrators of violence, not because they are naturally violent, but mainly, due to the structurally violent nature of the society within which they find themselves.

Peace is love, love that is nurtured in the wombs of the mother. Tendencies of violence and of peace and harmony have walked the human civilization side by side violence and conflict remains prevalent in our memory.

It is also becoming highly fragmented, less peaceful and unsafe for both present and future generations.

Promoting Peacebuilding Participation: African youth as peacebuilders – a viewpoint

However, it is important to consider that over million young people live in fragile and conflict-affected contexts and over 24 million of them do not attend school. View Discussions The modern world is becoming smaller, highly integrated and technologically more advanced.

The modern electronic media have an essential role to play in the preparation of youth in a spirit of peace, justice, freedom, mutual respect and understanding, in order to promote human rights, equality of rights between all human beings and all nations, and economic and social progress.

The emphasis of the United Nations has been on structural transformation, with a primary focus on institutional reform. The youth in conflict research focuses predominantly on young men, suggesting that a large proportion of male youth will increase the likelihood of instability but does not consider the youth population’s role in building peace.

The experience of the International; Youth Parliament (IYP) is that an increasing number of young people are rejecting violence and becoming involved in peace-building efforts at the grass roots, national and international level.

Empowerment: Children & Youth: Children, Youth & Peacebuilding Processes. Print View The protection of childrens needs and rights in armed conflicts; The roles of children & youth in conflict that they can play a positive role in building peace." 52; Go to.

International Youth Day is dedicated to celebrating young people's contributions to conflict prevention and transformation as well as inclusion, social justice, and sustainable peace. the role of youth is very the youths get in to right direction to make their country in to peaceful country,then the whole world will feel the if they are mislead or poisoned their mind with hatred towards one another in religuos,cultural matters,then it will turn in to a has happend through out in the a proper education from the right people is a.

Youth mobilization in peace-building efforts is more likely to be successful if young people are given the capabilities and opportunities to work with local and national governments.

Role of youth in peace building
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The Young leader in the Commonwealth.: The Role of Youth In Peace Building